Strengthen your legs before the Honor Run Half [Video]


Strengthening your leg muscles is crucial to any pre-race training. Running up and downhill is extremely taxing and strength training beforehand is the best way to reduce your injury risk. While not all courses have a lot of hills, this kind of cross-training will also help you fly across the flat portions of any  course.

Physical therapist Stacey McConnell from St. Elizabeth Sports Medicine  will guide you through simple ways to strength train before your big race.



If you’re training for the Honor Run Half,  send us  your questions.

And if you haven’t already registered for the half, you have until Sunday, October 4 before the price goes up! Register today to honor a veteran in your life and help  support  Honor Flight Tri-State, which sends veterans who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to Washington DC to see their memorials.