The high-tech approach to avoid running injuries [Video]


Injury worries can plague even the most seasoned runner. Rather than guessing what might  be behind a lingering pain or just hoping it will go away, you can take a high-tech approach to fixing your injury woes – sometimes even before they start.

To help in his diagnoses, St. Elizabeth Healthcare physical therapist Stacey McConnell uses high-speed video to film patients as they run. McConnell and his team use this information to develop personalized, highly targeted exercises to help runners perform at their best.

This is great for runners training for the Honor Run Half Marathon, which is coming up on Sunday, November 15. Runners who began an 8- or 10-week training program may be experiencing fatigue or injuries around week 6 or 7. If you haven’t  registered, yet, be sure you do before the race. The half marathon benefits  local veterans who have served our nation in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam by helping them get to Washington D.C. to visit their memorials.

Watch as McConnell walks a runner through the process and his recommendations: