Get your life back faster with same-day joint replacement


When pain and limited movement prevents you from doing the things you love, joint replacement surgery can help you get your life back. If you’re thinking about joint replacement surgery, you can trust that today’s procedures are very different than years past. Today, patients don’t have to experience an extended hospital stay or a painful, slow recovery.

Same-day joint replacement surgery performed by the Orthopaedic Institute at St. Elizabeth doesn’t require an overnight hospital stay. Our physical therapists and joint replacement specialists will have you up and walking shortly after the procedure.

“Practically any joint replacement of the lower extremity can be done as an outpatient procedure,” says Jonathon Spanyer, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon with OrthoCincy Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine practicing at St. Elizabeth Healthcare. “Hip replacement, knee replacement, even shoulder replacement can be done as an outpatient procedure.” This shift in practice is based on years and years of experience and a progressive move toward outpatient care for joint replacements.

How does same-day joint replacement work?

One of the main goals of a same-day joint replacement is to make sure you can get up and move shortly after the procedure. Most patients who undergo same-day joint replacement can go home within a few hours after surgery.

To help with this rapid recovery, orthopaedic surgeons and anesthesiologists work together to develop a plan that reduces pain and helps you feel stable using the new joint. This plan usually includes a combination of general anesthesia, nerve blocks and local anesthesia.

Orthopaedic surgeons also use minimally invasive techniques during the procedure, such as robot-assisted tools. These innovative techniques help improve precision and allow for smaller incisions, which reduces blood loss and spares healthy tissue around the joint.

What are the benefits of same-day joint replacement?

“I would describe the benefits of same-day hip replacement surgery with a single word: tremendous,” says Dr. Spanyer. “The benefits of early mobility cannot be overstated. You are walking and using your joint replacement within hours after the procedure.” This gives you confidence early on, which is critical for a successful recovery after a procedure. “It helps you quickly regain your competence as your strength and range of motion improve,” says Dr. Spanyer.

Same-day joint replacement offers many benefits, including:

· Smaller incisions for less pain and stiffness after the procedure

· Fewer complications such as blood clots or infection

· More comfortable recovery in your own home

“Same-day joint replacement helps patients regain independence,” says Dr. Spanyer. “Very quickly, you feel comfortable, you feel confident and you go home.”

Who qualifies for same-day joint replacement?

“Just about everyone is a good candidate for outpatient joint replacement surgery,” says Dr. Spanyer. “I look at the patient’s overall health and mobility. If they can walk across the room and move around, most patients can do outpatient surgery. We look at it on a case-by-case basis and develop a care plan based on the patient’s unique needs and goals.”

What same-day joint replacement procedures are available at St. Elizabeth Healthcare?

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is a regional leader in joint replacement surgery. We offer same-day hip replacements, knee replacements, and partial knee replacements.

“Our team performs more same-day joint replacement surgeries than any other health system in the area. We’ve been doing outpatient joint placement at St. Elizabeth and OrthoCincy for years now,” says Dr. Spanyer. Multiple studies have shown outpatient joint replacement is safe and effective.

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