Couch to 5K: Tips to train for a 5K


You may be thinking, that you can’t even get off the couch, let alone run a marathon— there is a program just for you.

The couch to 5K is a running program designed with you in mind. It can transform anyone from a couch potato to a runner.

Stacey McConnell, a certified Physical Therapist for St. Elizabeth Healthcare believes the couch to 5K program is the perfect program to get anyone started. He says, “This program could lead to a total lifestyle change. It isn’t expensive, it gets you moving and you can become part of a community of runners.”

3 Tips to Training for Your First 5K

Stacey offers some key tips for people interested in training for their first 5K.

  1. Start slow – the key to avoiding injury is to start slow. Do not do too much too fast or you will take yourself out of the race before you begin.
  2. Join a training group – training with others can keep you motivated to get to race day and provide you some coaching. Tri-State Running has training groups for different levels of runners for a small fee.
  3. Make participation your goal – by registering for your first 5K you are giving yourself a goal—to finish and earn that race bib.

Stacey is not only a Physical Therapist, but he is also a runner. He has produced a series of videos to help you run better and remain injury free.

If you’re a runner and you’d like to talk to or work with a physical therapist who understands running, call St. Elizabeth Edgewood Sports Medicine at (859) 301-5600 to schedule your appointment. Stacey also performs video analysis of your running to create a plan to alter poor movements or suggest strengthening and stretching programs.