Cancer Center Virtual Tour

Watch our latest behind the scenes tour as the Cancer Center nears completion.

Welcome to the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center, where our goal is to provide the most advanced and innovative care in our region.

Starting at the entrance drop-off, patients and guests will safely arrive and exit the Cancer Center through a covered and protected space.

The entrance leads into the main lobby—bathed in warm uplifting sunlight.

Upon registering, each patient will receive a patient locator for our real-time locating system called RTLS.

Down the hall, you can find the doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology.

One area in Integrative Oncology is our state-of-the-art Demonstration Kitchen.

This area provides a working showcase to educate patients, associates and the community about the importance of healthy food choices during treatment and its role in cancer prevention.

Another area in integrative oncology is our Art Therapy Studio.

Research shows that people living with cancer who engage in creative arts therapy experience less depression and anxiety than those who don’t.

Situated in a quiet corner of the building off the main lobby, the Meditation Room is a sanctuary for patients and families to reflect, pray or relax before or after treatments or appointments.

Located on level one, Precision Medicine and Genomic Health focuses on disease treatment and prevention by utilizing genomic information to guide a patient’s healthcare plan. 

Down the hall is our dedicated Oncology Research team to provide local access to cutting-edge clinical trials.

Level four houses our Infusion Services.

This area features large and private bays for patients to receive their chemotherapy and infusion treatments.

St. Elizabeth is right here with a leading national Cancer Center.

We look forward to working together to reduce our area’s cancer rates and lead Northern Kentucky to become one of the healthiest communities in America.