The benefits of empowering your team


Sometimes, for the perfectionist type at least, it may seem tempting to micro-manage your team to keep an eye on how and what they are doing.

However, a study from the University of Iowa revealed workers who are empowered will not only have a higher morale, but will also be less stressed, more satisfied with their jobs, be more loyal to their companies and be more productive.

If that’s not a compelling enough reason to quit micro-managing, these findings stretch across industries, companies and work cultures – so empowering your group will work regardless of what it does day-to-day.


What does empowering employees mean?

According to the study, managers should:

  • Share information and involve workers in decision-making
  • Provide training and pay well
  • Provide workers with challenging work
  • Make employees feel like a valued part of the whole organization
  • Encourage employees to recognize each other’s importance
  • Provide helpful feedback
  • Inspire employees and be a good role model for employees

If you want more tips, be sure to check out 10 principles of empowering employees from