An unusual “secret” to a longer life


I can only hope to make it to 104 years old someday, and have as much energy and wit as the impressive woman in this video interview from CNN.

Elizabeth Sullivan said  she’s never been a hospital patient except for having her tonsils removed and giving birth. She also doesn’t take any medication. Her secret –  she’s been drinking three cans of Dr. Pepper a day for 50 or 60 years. Sullivan said she  thinks her body may need the sugar. We don’t know what the rest of her  diet looks like, and she may need the extra calories as well. Her daily Dr. Pepper habit adds up to an extra 450 calories.

“If someone were to add these calories to their diet without changing anything else, it would lead to a one pound weight gain every seven or eight days, or almost 50 pounds in a year,” said Karah Stanley, registered dietitian at St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center. “Bottom line ““ kids, don’t try this at home.”

This is definitely a special circumstance and something that the average person should not undertake. As for Sullivan, if she’s made it this far, why change a good thing?