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Turning Your Congregation into a “Healthplace”
Many of us depend on our churches, temples or synagogues to maintain our spiritual health. But what if these critical centers of faith could be more? What if our religious congregations were places where we could nurture our total health – physical, emotional and spiritual? At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we believe they can be.

St. Elizabeth’s free Health Ministries and Faith Community Nursing program is helping congregations of all denominations throughout the Tri-state to become “healthplaces.” With the help of our skilled health professionals and dedicated volunteers, we will help you build on biblical principles to transform the health of your members and even your community, as a whole. 

What We Do

Today, more than 60 congregations across seven Northern Kentucky and Ohio counties are using our program’s services to enhance the total physical and spiritual health of their members. Through our program’s free services, you tap into the skills of more than 200 volunteers and registered nurses, who will help you establish a program that is custom-made for your congregation.

Some of our free services include:

  • Creation of a custom-fit health ministries program
  • Special event planning and execution
  • Blood pressure and health screenings
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Health counseling services
  • Program marketing planning
  • Emergency plan development
  • Advanced directives preparation
  • Health fairs
  • Alcoholics Anonymous incorporation
  • Home, hospital and nursing home visits
  • Connection with community resources

The Beginning Steps
If all this sounds like something your congregation might be interested in, we hope you’ll contact us for further details. You can rest assured that when you partner with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, you’ll receive all the help and support you need to create and maintain a thriving health ministries program.

After all, at St. Elizabeth we’ve been doing this since 1997 and if you ask around, you’ll find we’re pretty good at it. Plus, we have a lot of strong support through our long-held association with the national Health Ministries Association, which is always available to provide additional expertise and resources.

So, contact us today and get started on making your congregation a "healthplace."

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