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Weight Mgmt Center Health Tips

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Obesity and Foot Health Did you know that obesity can also impact your foot health? Excessive body weight brings increased wear and tear on feet including heel pain, arthritis and tendonitis.
Dry vs. Fresh Fruit Fresh or dried produce? Ever wondered about the differences? There are benefits to both! Here are some things to consider.
Butter vs. Margarine Margarine has been getting bad press lately due to its unnatural ingredients, trans fatty acids and hydrogenated oils. Is real butter better?
Whole Wheat vs. Whole Grain “Whole wheat” and “whole grain” are not interchangeable terms. Whole wheat is a type of whole grain, just like a carrot is a type of vegetable. Whole grains include a wide variety of foods such as wheat, corn, oats, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, barley and rye.
Dangers of Fast Weight Loss If you are an avid viewer of the Biggest Loser, you may have shared the sentiments people around the country felt as Rachel Frederickson stepped out for her final reveal.

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