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Domestic Violence Program
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We Can Help You to a Better Life

Domestic violence is a treacherous crime that many victims tolerate for years, under the assumption that there is no way out. But, that is simply not true.

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we offer a program that can help stop the cycle of abuse. You can get control of your life and be happy again. It starts by understanding whether you are a victim.

Simply put, domestic violence is about power and control. Your abuser wants it and will use a variety of different methods to get complete power and control over you. So ask yourself, “Am I enduring any of the following types of abuse?"

  • Physical Violence: Have you ever been hit, slapped, punched or kicked? Are you often being pushed or having items thrown at you?
  • Emotional/Verbal Abuse: Have you been publicly humiliated or called names? Does your abuser play mind games with you or make you feel like you just can’t survive without him or her?
  • Isolation: Are you kept from seeing friends or family, or even going to work? Are you made to account for every place you go and how long you are gone? Are you sometimes accused of cheating?
  • Threats/Intimidation: Are you threatened with violence to yourself or those you love? Does your abuser threaten to take your children away? Do you feel guilty or trapped when your abuser threatens suicide?


How We Can Help End the Pain
If you see yourself in the situations above, the Domestic Options for Violent Emergencies – the DOVE program at St. Elizabeth Healthcare can help. Through the program, you’ll be confidentially examined and interviewed by a forensic nurse who is specially trained in domestic violence. We’ll help you document your injuries and guide you to further sources of physical, psychological and legal assistance.

Here are some things to know about what you’ll receive through the DOVE program:

  • A free forensic exam with a forensic nurse who will help you document your injuries through photographs and other records. Injury documentation can be a powerful healing tool. It is also essential to your case as you travel through the courts.
  • Prior to the forensic exam you must be medically cleared by a physician.
  • Your exam is completely confidential and under your control.
  • Your records will be kept in the DOVE office at St. Elizabeth Edgewood.
  • The DOVE nurse will connect you to staff at the Women’s Crisis Center, who will help you through the court system.


How to Reach Us
If you believe you are a victim, please call us. To speak to a DOVE nurse or set up an appointment, call the DOVE office at (859) 301-9266 from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Outside office hours or in an emergency, please call to speak to the charge nurse at one of our emergency departments:

  • St. Elizabeth Covington Emergency Department: (859) 655-4353
  • St. Elizabeth Edgewood Emergency Department: (859) 301-2250
  • St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Emergency Department: (859) 572-3618
  • St. Elizabeth Florence Emergency Department: (859) 212-5441


Other Agencies That Can Help

  • For Emergencies: 911
  • Women’s Crisis Center: (859) 491-3335
           - 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (800) 928-3335
  • Kenton County Attorney: (859) 491-0600
  • Campbell County Attorney: (859) 491-5843
  • Boone County Attorney: (859) 334-3200
  • Cabinet for Families and Children: (859) 292-6340
  • Kenton County Sheriff: (859) 431-4822
  • Campbell County Sheriff: (859) 292-3833
  • Boone County Sheriff: (859) 334-2175
  • Kentucky State Police (Covers 12 Northern Kentucky counties): (800) 222-5555


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