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Single-site Procedures

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For years now, surgeons at St. Elizabeth Edgewood and Ft. Thomas have performed nearly a dozen different types of procedures using the da Vinci surgical robot. For the majority of that time, those procedures all required several small incisions to perform. That all changed on May 4, 2012.

On that day, surgeons at St. Elizabeth performed a gallbladder surgery using only one incision. Known as a “single-site” surgical procedure, this new advancement will mean that some surgeries currently performed on the da Vinci surgical system will be performed with a single incision that’s the size of a quarter. In the future, other da Vinci surgeries utilizing the single-site method will include colon and gynecologic procedures.

For the patient, there are cosmetic benefits (fewer incisions lead to fewer scars) as well as a faster recovery time and a decreased amount of pain following the procedure. For the surgeon, the robot offers advantages in ease of use and precision. The single-site technology uses a high-tech camera to provide ultra-magnification and a very stable picture of the surgical field.

This less-invasive procedure was highlighted in the Summer 2012 issue of St. Elizabeth Healthcare's Healthy Neighbors publication. To read the full article, please click here.

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