Healing Hearts

Florence Wormald Heart & Vascular Institute at St. Elizabeth recognizes that women heart survivors have particular needs after a heart event. One of those needs is to be understood and listened to by someone who has been there.

That’s why we started Healing Hearts – a support group for women heart survivors. Women who have had a heart attack, open heart surgery, a heart procedure, or a heart-related diagnosis are all welcome. You are invited to join us as we gather to learn more about healing and living with heart disease.

Facilitated by a nurse navigator, the group’s goal is to learn from professionals and one another, and to support women as they heal. You are welcome to come to one meeting or as many as you like.

The group generally meets at 9:30 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month. Reservations are recommended. To find dates, times and locations of upcoming meetings, or to make a reservation, call (859) 301-WELL (9355).

Four Healing Hearts Program Participants

Join Us

Time: 9:30 a.m.
Dates: Second Tuesday of the Month

Your Road to Recovery

Recovering after a heart attack or surgery takes time, and we’re here to help. Our rehabilitation experts will help you regain cardiovascular health and fitness safely.

Karen Lugo lights a small child into the air

Women & Heart Attack Symptoms

Karen Lugo

Sweating, back pain … These don’t sound like typical heart attack symptoms. But, for Karen, they were. Find out how women often experience other symptoms of heart attack.

Fresh Fruit and smoothies

Heart Healty Recipes

Looking for Heart-healthy recipes? The American Heart Association has a wide range of simple and heart-smart recipes.

Unparalleled Heart Care

St. Elizabeth Edgewood has attained advanced certification by The Joint Commission and the American Heart Association as a Comprehensive Cardiac Center, placing us in an elite group of hospitals that have met high standards to fully address the needs of patients with complex cardiac conditions.

The Joint Commission and American Heart Association Certification - Meets Standards for Comprehensive Cardiac Center