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Work Rehabilitation Center
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When a person can no longer perform a job due to a work-related injury, it impacts everyone: the injured employee and their family, the employer and the taxpayer. Affecting over 19 million people, musculoskeletal disorders are the leading cause of disability for people in their working years. It is also proven that the longer an employee remains off work, the less likely it is the employee will return.

Our Mission
Work in partnership with medical providers, insurers, rehabilitation counselors, employers and employees/families to:

  • To prevent work place injuries
  • Enable injured workers to return to employment as quickly as possible

St. Elizabeth Work Rehabilitation Center reduces injuries and lost work time with a three-prong approach of prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation.

Preventive Services
The key to reducing the costs of injuries is preventing them from occurring. St. Elizabeth Work Rehabilitation Center has a series of preventive services targeted at the causes of injuries. These programs can be structured or tailored to meet your resources and needs.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
Once an injury occurs, it is important to establish a timely, safe and reliable plan of action. This evaluation assists in determining the individual's physical and functional capabilities in relation to work. This allows the referral source to determine the appropriate rehabilitation plan in order to speed up the return to work timeframe. 

The typical Work Rehabilitation Center client has been off work for more than 3 months and is usually de-conditioned and fearful of re-injury. Our work oriented treatment programs are designed to improve the workers' productivity by increasing tolerance and improving pain management. These can be achieved through Work Conditioning and Work Hardening.

Ergonomics is the science of designing workspaces and tools to help people do their jobs comfortably and safely. Employees working in an ergonomically designed workplace will be less fatigued, less distracted by discomfort and less stressed by excessive physical demands. In return, this can result in lower probability of error, less likelihood of accidents, better productivity and improved employee morale.

St. Elizabeth Business Health Center has an Occupational Therapist trained in Ergonomics who can assist client companies with areas of their operations.

Services can include:

  • Job analysis and job description development
  • Ergonomic Assessment of a site with recommendation report
  • Preventive Management and employee training

For further information, please contact Mike Chitwood, CEA at (859) 301-2432. 

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)
The FCE is an evaluation designed for the injured employee and used to provide a baseline for a Work Hardening Program or return to work status. This test can assess dynamic strength, position tolerance, mobility, fine motor, balance, coordination, and endurance for an 8 hour workday. The FCE provides objective measures of an individual’s functional abilities that can assist in the return to work placement or disability determination.  

Job Placement Assessments (JPA)
A job placement assessment evaluates the potential associate’s ability to meet the essential physical demands of the job. We carefully measure, observe and document the essential functions. From this information we develop a series of tasks that assess the potential associate's ability to meet the essential functions. From our analysis of job demands and employer validation, a job placement assessment is developed. The assessment is used to accurately determine if the candidate is appropriate for the job, thereby providing an employer with a workforce that “fit” the job demands.

Statistics show the use of JPA’s can help reduce work place injury and employee turnover by identifying associates who meet the essential physical job demands for your worksite. Since 1997, Business Health statistics consistently show companies utilizing JPA’s experienced an injury rate of 3% or less. This can be compared to an alarming national injury rate of 14% for the non-assessed warehouse employee.

The Business Health Center offers a variety of assessment tools to perform JPA’s. We will work with you to identify the appropriate JPA assessment tool for your specific work environment.

STEP UP/Work Hardening/Work Conditioning
The STEP UP/Work Conditioning/Work Hardening programs are structured programs that provide a transition between acute care and return to work. Treatment is designed to improve an individual's strength, endurance, flexibility, stability, and overall tolerance to work tasks.

A therapist will create an individualized program based on information gathered from the employee, employer, and possibly visit the work site in order to understand specific job functions/demands. The program is designed to encourage the individual to actively participate in their program to achieve successful results.

Each program varies in length but can last an average of four weeks.  Attendance is three to five times a week with each session length 2-4 hours a day building up to as many as 6-8 hours a day. Session demands progress to prepare an individual for re-entry into the work force. 


  • Physically prepared to perform job demands
  • Decrease in lost work days, lost productivity, and cost
  • Rapid case closure
  • Documented safe physical capabilities to aid physician in return to work restrictions and full duty clearances 

Location and Hours
We are conveniently located at St. Elizabeth Edgewood. You may access us by entering the Patient Entrance. Follow the signs to Work Rehabilitation or stop by the Patient Registration Desk. They can direct you to the Work Rehab Center.

For information and scheduling: (859) 301-2014

Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday, 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

For information regarding any of the above services call Business Health Sales and Marketing at (859) 301-2574.

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