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Selecting an EAP

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The mission of the St. Elizabeth Employee Assistance Program is to partner with business, industry, human resource professionals, and employees to resolve personal issues which impact or have the capacity to impact work performance.

Why have an EAP?
The Employee Assistance Professional Association (EAPA) reports that for every $1 invested in EAP there is a return of $6 through:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced turnover
  • Reduced tardiness
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased in insurance utilization
  • Decrease in workers compensation claims

St. Elizabeth EAP Service Overview

  • Comprehensive contract implementation
  • Counseling/Referral/Follow-up
  • Training and Wellness
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • Management Consultation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Fitness for Duty Assessment
  • Expansive Clinical Availability
  • Confidentiality
  • Evaluation of Services by both employers and employers.
  • Drug Free Workplace compliance
  • Department of Transportation SAP compliance

The following checklist is designed to assist you in selecting an EAP vendor.

  1. Does the EAP offer the option of both male and female counselors? _____Yes    _____No 
  2. Are the EAP counselors STATE licensed or certified? _____Yes    _____No 
  3. Do the EAP counselors have a minimum of a master’s degree? _____Yes    _____No 
  4. Can the EAP provide resumes/vitae of each counselor? _____Yes    _____No 
  5. Does the EAP offer day and evening appointments five days a week in Kentucky? What are the exact hours of clinical appointment availability? _____Yes    _____No  
  6. Is a counselor available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? _____Yes    _____No 
  7. Does the EAP have a formal supervisory referral process? _____Yes    _____No 
  8. Does the EAP offer quarterly utilization/activity reports? _____Yes    _____No 
  9. Is the EAP available to respond to company requests in a timely manner? _____Yes    _____No 
  10. Are the telephones answered after hours? Explain how. _____Yes    _____No 
  11. Is a counselor available to be on-site at your facility for an intervention? What is the response time? _____Yes    _____No 
  12. Has the EAP ever lost a contract to another vendor? _____Yes    _____No 
  13. Does the EAP offer client satisfaction/feedback? _____Yes    _____No 
  14. Are the counselors employees of the EAP or are they private practitioners on contract (affiliates)? _____Yes    _____No 
  15. Is EAP the provider's sole focus? _____Yes    _____No 
  16. Is the EAP office designed for anonymity and confidentiality? Explain. _____Yes    _____No 
  17. Can the EAP provide a list of training programs they offer? _____Yes    _____No 
  18. Can the EAP provide samples of promotional materials? _____Yes    _____No 
  19. Does each therapist have a minimum of three years post graduate clinical experience? _____Yes    _____No 
  20. Does the EAP have clinical interns providing counseling? _____Yes    _____No 
  21. Does the EAP have counselors trained in Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD)? _____Yes    _____No 

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