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Mobile Mammography

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St. Elizabeth Breast Center Receives National Accreditation
The St. Elizabeth Breast Center is accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). NAPBC accreditation is granted only to those centers that voluntarily commit to providing the best possible care to patients. Each breast center undergoes a rigorous evaluation and review of its performance. To maintain accreditation, centers must monitor compliance with the NAPBC Standards and undergo an on-site review every three years.

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Mobile Mammography VanThe Essential Test You Need Where You Need It
We know you want the best in your regular mammograms. We also know you want to get this vital test in a timely manner. But, in our busy lives, we sometimes have trouble fitting in everything we know we need.

St. Elizabeth has the answer. Our Digital Mobile Mammography program brings the highest quality mammography services to you, right at your workplace or community center. It’s the most accurate and highly recommended technology available, right where and when you need it.

And it’s easy to arrange.

All that businesses and organizations have to do is call (859) 301-LIVE (5483) to schedule a time and place to make the van and these lifesaving screenings available to employees and community groups whose members need it most.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of mammograms. But, women who don’t have health insurance may qualify for financial assistance for a mammogram through other available sources like the Northern Kentucky Independent Health District or a Susan G. Komen Foundation Cincinnati affiliate grant.

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