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I hate getting a mammogram – who doesn’t? Angie was at the desk & Bonnie performed the mammogram. They both were so nice! They made my visit fun! And that’s a lot for a mammogram. They represented St. E. well!
     ~ Susie W.

Everyone that I have been in contact with so far has been great.

I’d like to give special thanks to Amy, Barbara and Dr. Kleimeyer. They were efficient, compassionate and kept me informed and relaxed (if possible) during my biopsy.
     ~ Caroline W.


What a caring professional department the Edgewood Breast Center is.

This started with a routine mammogram to a repeat ultrasound and biopsy. I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

This just knocked my socks off – the Nurse Navigators were very reassuring and comforting. They made my appointments with Dr. Heidi Murley and scheduled my surgery, which I appreciated very much.

They have kept me informed and are leading my way to recovery from this disease.
     ~ Brenda H.


I visited the Breast Center for my initial yearly mammogram and was called back for additional diagnostic testing. I believe my “mammographer” (for lack of the correct term) was the same on both visits, but because I was feeling a bit stressed, I did not absorb her name nor that of my radiologist. But my sense of them remains.

My mammographer was not only very knowledgeable and competent but was especially compassionate and kind to me; right down to adjusting my gown to make me more comfortable. She even stayed by my side as the radiologist talked with me. I was comforted by her being there since my initial thought had been one of trepidation.

My radiologist, as well, was wonderful. I was surprised but touched that she had taken the time to speak to me herself and to explain my situation to me in detail. She also was most friendly and understanding of my feelings and she allayed my fears and concerns. I can tell you from experience that she is very rare. Not many radiologists do what she did.

I have had many mammograms and have always had great experiences at St. Elizabeth and its Breast Center.

You have quite an amazing staff.
     ~ Carolyn S.

My DXA scan was performed by Debbie M. She not only greeted me with a welcoming smile, which was much appreciated, but her pleasant demeanor and kindness allowed me to relax immediately.

Debbie also did not “rush” me, which is always a plus, and she discussed important educational information with me about bones and bone health. She was wonderful. I was very impressed and certainly appreciate how I was treated. In my opinion, St. Elizabeth has a very knowledgeable and valuable employee in Debbie.
     ~ D.H.

Pam (tech) definitely went above and beyond! She explained to me, being my first mammogram and not having prior images to compare to, that they would compare 1 breast to the other and that 50% of all new mammograms need to come back for redone images. I mentioned that I was starting a new job the very next day and only had 4 days left on my current insurance. I didn't want to take off from my new job or have to come back with no insurance. Pam found a Radiologist, explained my situation and got them to view my images so if there were any issues I could have it resolved that day while I was there. Outstanding care and concern for me!
    ~ Tammy S.

I had my annual mammogram at St. Elizabeth's Women's Wellness Center on June 29 and found out the next afternoon that I needed a diagnostic mammogram. I tried to make an appointment immediately, but was told I would not be able to get in until July 1. It wasn’t much of a wait, but unfortunately, the timing was bad as my insurance coverage was changing as of July 1. I explained my situation, and the woman I spoke with nicely explained why it couldn't be done that day. However, a short time later, the nurse navigator called me back to say that she worked it out to get me in that day if I could get there quickly. I left immediately to get all my tests done. Results were fine and I don't need to return until next year. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the extra steps made for my care. I’d like to think that as a nurse I show this kind of compassion to my patients, and being on the other side has given me a much greater awareness of my patients' needs!
          ~ Kathy B.

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