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Athletic Training

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Since 1988, St. Elizabeth Healthcare Sports Medicine has been serving the needs of the Northern Kentucky athletic community. We enjoy working with local high schools andThomas More College, to provide highly skilled athletic training services.We also provide medical coverage for Top Flight Gymnastics.

High School Coverage    
University / College Athletic Trainers:
  • Northern Kentucky University: Covered by Stephanie James ATC, Jessica Rhodes ATC, McKenna Warfel ATC, Frank Shipley ATC
  • NKU Campus Rec: Covered by Meagan Dunn ATC
  • Thomas More College: Covered by Theresa Behan ATC, Luke Farrell ATC, Tim Newell ATC, Jordan Epperson ATC

Other Local Coverage: 

  • Kings Hammer Soccer: Covered by Dan Nowak ATC
  • NKYVC: Covered by Dan Nowak ATC
  • MJM Studio: Covered by Michelle Miller ATC
  • Top Flight Gymnastics: Covered by Michelle Miller ATC

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