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I have been coming here for 8 weeks and Whitney has been polite, friendly, happy and nice when I come to St. Elizabeth for help. I have also called her on the phone and she had no problem helping me. I have had 3 brain strokes and I can be a bear at times but she has always been happy, polite and friendly.

I want to say thank you to Whitney M. and St. Elizabeth.
     ~ David E.; St. Elizabeth Physical Therapy Hebron Patient

I wanted to put in writing what wonderful treatment I received from Gina after having both knees replaced this year. She always listened to me, and she pushed me to a great recovery.

She also helped me get a PT billing issue resolved, for which I am very grateful. My knees feel better than they have in years due in great part to Gina's skill and caring as my physical therapist. Thanks so much, Gina!
     ~ Marianne K., St. Elizabeth Covington Patient

All but one of my physical therapy sessions were done with Jonathan. He is a tremendous therapist. He is knowledgeable and challenging, yet kind and understanding. I feel as if my hip has improved 100% and I felt like he wanted me to improve just as much as I wanted to.

All of my appointments were on time. I was treated with respect by both Whitney and Jonathan and the sessions were very positive. Exceptional in every way.
     ~ Bill A., St. Elizabeth Physical Therapy Hebron Patient

I had back surgery and was sent to physical therapy by my surgeon. I began therapy on land and was just not progressing along as I and Kathy, my physical therapist, had hoped. Kathy identified very quickly that I would be a perfect candidate for aquatic therapy. She contacted David at the Wilder facility and got me started on aquatic therapy the very same day. The collaboration between the two physical therapists was amazing. I walked into the pool area feeling somewhat down on my luck. I had gone through a surgery and was still feeling about the same. David greeted me, already knew my story because he and Kathy had already spoken and he started therapy right away, no time wasted. Non-weight bearing exercises and techniques were taught to me. This was completely different than the land therapy that I had been doing. The aquatic therapists were very encouraging. That was the turning point in my recovery. I continued aquatic therapy for a few weeks and began improving daily. I got back on my feet and back to work a short time later. Thank you St. Elizabeth Healthcare for recommending aquatic therapy for me.
    ~ Kim M., Aquatic Therapy Patient

Last summer, after enduring hip and leg pain for several months, a MRI showed I had a bulging disk on the right side of my lower back. In August, my family physician sent me for an EMG and physical therapy at St. Elizabeth Edgewood. I was happy to do both – I just knew my pain was neurological and I had visions of soothing heat treatments and a physical therapist gently pushing and prodding my back.

What a disappointment when, after evaluation, the therapist told me what I had to do: stand erect, sit up straight, not lift more than eight pounds, not bend over, and to do 30 press-ups (modified push-ups) every two hours.

It sounded strange, but I decided to give it a try. We started by attacking my most distal pain, at that time in my heel. In about a week, I noticed I had no heel pain.

When I had success getting rid of pain in the next target area - my ankle - I was sold on the therapy. Plus, after learning my EMG was normal, I no longer had that excuse for my pain.

Week by week, the pain left my calf, then my thigh, and finally my hip. As I saw improvement, I became more diligent about doing the press-ups. It was difficult doing the exercises at work, but I got them in as much as I could.

Near the end of my physical therapy program, I was gradually permitted to bend forward – farther and farther. When I continued to have no pain after several weeks, I was dismissed from therapy in mid-January.

Today, I do a set of 10 press-ups morning and night. I have some soreness in my lower back if I “over-do,” but no severe pain. I’ve realized that it takes lifestyle changes if I want to protect my back, and my mobility, long-term.

I am grateful for the help I received at St. Elizabeth from physical therapists Rich, Jen, and Mark. I feel they gave me the tools to manage my back, hip, and leg pain for the rest of my life.
    ~ Ann Haas Rorrer, Patient

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