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Pastoral Care

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A Source of Spiritual Support in Your Time of Need
At St. Elizabeth, we understand that truly great health has many facets. And we know that our spiritual health plays a huge role in our overall well-being. Simply put, we can’t really thrive if our spiritual needs are not being met.

That’s why our pastoral care professionals are here. Regardless of your faith tradition or spiritual belief, we want to help meet your needs for spiritual fulfillment. Our staff of ordained and lay chaplains and volunteers is always available and well-trained in the specific demands of hospital ministry. We offer a ministry that is present, supportive and engaged, in your time of need.

Chaplain Availability
Chaplains are available upon your request. However, one of our chaplains or volunteers may also simply stop by to see you while you’re in the hospital to learn if there’s any way we can support you or your family.

A chaplain is also on call at all times. So, in an emergency, simply ask a hospital associate to contact the operator on your behalf and page a chaplain.

Anointing of the Sick
If you’re anticipating admission to St. Elizabeth and wish to receive the Sacrament of Anointing, please contact your parish priest prior to admission. If you’re a patient and would like to receive the Sacrament of Anointing, please call our pastoral care department at (859) 301-2190.

Some Information for Visiting Clergy
We welcome visiting clergy, but there are a few guidelines we request that you follow. First, St. Elizabeth requires all visiting clergy to attend a two-hour orientation class. Simply contact our pastoral care department at (859) 301-2190 for times and information.

Secondly, all visiting clergy should obtain identification badges for use during your visits. Just stop by our pastoral care offices on the first floor of St. Elizabeth Edgewood to pick up your badge.

We typically notify clergy of a member of their congregation’s admission only after the member has requested we do so. And you should also know that morning is not a convenient time to visit our patients.

We suggest you call the patient’s unit – via the hospital operator at (859) 301-2000 – to ask about visiting times because these hours vary for different units.

Please also be aware that some patients require additional visiting precautions to prevent infections. For instance, if there is a sign on a patient's door indicating "Isolation precautions," please check with a nurse to learn appropriate procedures before entering. And, of course, patients may require additional rest while in the hospital, so please adjust your visits accordingly.

Catholic Services Available
St. Elizabeth is operated under the guidance of the Diocese of Covington. As such, we offer several Catholic services at our hospitals as part of the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

At St. Elizabeth Edgewood, a Catholic priest is also available in the hospital every day until 3 p.m. The priest is also on-call for patients and their families until 8 p.m. daily.

Catholic services are also held regularly on most weekdays at St. Elizabeth Edgewood, Florence and Ft. Thomas. (See schedule under Our Pastoral Care Offices and Services.) Catholic Communion is available daily. If you request communion and have not been contacted by one of our volunteers, please call our department.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare
Pastoral Care Offices and Services

St. Elizabeth Edgewood

Phone: (859) 301-2190
Office: First floor, off of the visitors’ entrance
Services: Catholic mass weekdays at noon and Sundays at 8:30 a.m. Mass televised on in-house Channel 3

St. Elizabeth Florence
Phone: (859) 212-5216
Office: Lobby level near the Gift Shop.
Services: Catholic Communion at noon every week day, but Tuesday.

St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas:
Phone: (859) 572-3549
Office: First Floor next to the Chapel.
Services: Catholic Communion at noon every weekday, but Thursday. Interfaith Service at noon Thursdays

St. Elizabeth Grant:
No services, but chapel is always open on first floor across nurses’ station. 

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