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Associates: Employee Relations
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At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, the Board of Trustees and Administration have pledged to treat an associate as an individual – with respect, dignity and consideration. These assurances are basic to the management of the healthcare system. You can be certain that your respect and trust will continually be sought. Employment practices and working conditions are consistent with good, modern management practices. Associates can work through a Dispute Resolution Procedure where work-related problems can be brought directly to management's attention for the purpose of achieving resolution to problems and issues that may arise.

If you should have any questions or should need any assistance, you may contact your advisor or email or call Lisa Blank, Director of Recruitment and Employee Relations at (859) 301 5179. 

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Statement on Diversity

"As associates of a Catholic healthcare organization that recognizes God's love for all people, we have a duty and the honor to respect all who come to us for healing. Fair, just and compassionate treatment that embraces cultural differences is a vital part of providing high quality health care and wellness services to a culturally diverse community. This same kind of treatment is essential for inspiring individuals among our workforce to participate fully in the mission of the Health System. We must always strive, in word and deed, to honor the dignity of every human being, if we are to remain true to the organization values and merit recognition as the tri-state region's healthcare provider and employer of choice."


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