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Pediatric Services Health Tips

Health Tip IDTitleStory DateBlurb
Birth Defects Prevention Month In 1998, the FDA started fortifying grain and cereal products with folic acid in order to reduce birth defects, more specifically, neural tube defects (NTDs). While this was an important step in fighting birth defects, it is not enough to protect all women and their potential children.
Coats and Carseats It’s getting colder, and naturally, we want to protect our children from the elements. But, when traveling by car, this may be more dangerous than we realize.
Aspirin and Reye's Syndrome Reye's syndrome is a disease seen primarily in children affecting the liver and brain. While its cause is not known, it has been associated with children taking aspirin containing medications during a viral illness, primarily influenza (flu) or varicella (chicken pox).
Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods Most babies are ready to begin solid foods around 4-6 months of age. If you are breastfeeding the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends deferring the initiation of solid foods until 6 months of age.
Homemade vs. Jarred Baby Foods Is it better for your baby to make your own baby food at home or buy the jarred baby food at the supermarket? This is a question that most parents wrestle with. As with most things, opinions vary and there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

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