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Hand Therapy

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Hand Therapy New LocationThe St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hand Therapy Center is the first and largest hospital-based hand therapy service in Northern Kentucky. Our goal is to maximize a person's function for returning to work and daily life.
We offer highly specialized, comprehensive treatment for people of all ages suffering from a variety of problems affecting the hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, and shoulder. We treat many diagnoses including arthritis, trauma, work injury, sports injury, amputations, wounds, burns, fractures, tendon injury, nerve injury, and pain.

Hand therapy is provided by Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists with comprehensive training and knowledge of the upper extremity. We are skilled at evaluating a person’s needs and level of functioning. Treatment includes customized splinting; range of motion exercise; strengthening; work simulation; electro and thermal modalities; wound care; and edema, pain and scar management. Patient education regarding splints, adaptive equipment and techniques and home exercise programs are a large part of our treatment protocol.

A physician’s referral is required before a patient can be seen at the Hand Therapy Center. We accept referrals from hand surgeons, family practice physicians, neurologists, business health physicians and many other fields of practice. Our office staff is available to assist you in understanding your particular insurance coverage. It is advised that patients also check their individual policies to verify coverage and any requirements for pre-certification of services.


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