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Medical Leadership

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At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we value the role our Medical Staff plays in the strategic direction of our hospital. Members of our Medical Staff take an active role in the daily operations of our facility. By contributing their time and talents, physicians make significant contributions towards our quality, patient satisfaction, and delivery of care. We recognize that our health ministry is dependent upon our ability to work with our Medical Staff to "improve the health of the people we serve."

Physician Opportunities
If you are a physician looking for employment opportunities at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, please use this link to view all available positions.

Medical Executive Committee Members

Medical Staff President
Ross McHenry, M.D.

Past President

Barry Wendt, M.D.

President Elect

Doug Flora, M.D.

Chairman, Dept. of Medicine

Mark Boyd, M.D.

Chairman, Dept. of Surgery

Michael Dusing, M.D.

Section Chairman, Anesthesia

Raymond Sullivan, M.D.

Section Chairman, Emergency Medicine

David Bracken, M.D.

Section Chairman, Medical Sub-specialties

Isaac Thomas, M.D.

Section Chairman, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Michael Gerwe, M.D.

Section Chairman, Pathology

Jay Pemberton, M.D.

Section Chairman, Pediatrics

Ebru Gultekin, M.D.

Section Chairman, Primary Care
Judy Neff, M.D. 

Section Chairman, Psychiatry
Anthony Alvarez, M.D.

Section Chairman, Radiology

James Roebker, M.D.

Section Chairman, Surgical Sub-specialties

John Larkin, M.D.

Credentials Committee Chairman

Todd Kirchhoff, M.D.

Bylaws Committee Chairman

Gary Schmitt, M.D.


Garren Colvin

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