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Working to Build Northern Kentucky’s Healthiest Workforce

In 2006, St. Elizabeth Healthcare made a collective decision to become the healthiest workforce in Northern Kentucky. Granted, that’s a pretty lofty aspiration, but we have a habit of doing great things around here. That is why we’re working so hard to make this vision a reality today through the Target Health program.

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Through this unique worksite wellness plan, St. Elizabeth Healthcare associates can take advantage of a wide array of voluntary programs, including:

  • Blood Pressure Checks: monthly at each location
  • Fitness Assessments: available by appointment
  • Group Fitness Classes: available at Edgewood and Ft. Thomas
  • Nutrition Consultations: available by appointment
  • One-on-One Health Coaching: available at each location 

In short, Target Health is just one more way St. Elizabeth Healthcare is showing that we’re all better together. Through this unique program, Target Health staff work with you to identify and reduce your individual health risks and improve your overall wellness.

What Participants Are Saying
Maybe the best proof of Target Health’s success comes from those who have experienced its benefits. What follows are a few testimonials from associates who’ve participated in the program and seen their lives dramatically improve as a result.

“Through your help, I was able to lose 75 pounds and six sizes. I feel better and have more energy to do things with my friends and family. You’re an excellent coach and I appreciate the advice without being judgmental or condescending.”

Another satisfied participant writes, “While attending health coaching, I gained very useful knowledge that changed my life. … I have reached my goals of weight loss, food management, stress management and incorporating exercise into my daily life. I am now able to enjoy my time with my children, with the energy I need and know that by living healthy I will be around to see them grow. Thanks again for everything you have done for me and my family.”

Finally, one more associate writes to say, “I just wanted to let you know that I had my blood pressure checked today and it is 112/72 -, the lowest it's been all year! With the extra weight loss and the renewed energy, I can't thank you enough for your coaching and encouragement.”


Contact Us
Target Health
St. Elizabeth Edgewood
20 Medical Village Dr.
Suite 394
Edgewood, KY 41017
(859) 301-9004
Fax: (859) 301-5965
Email: targethealth@stelizabeth.com


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