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I had a wonderful experience at one of your hospitals. I realize saying “hospital” and “wonderful experience” can be considered an oxymoron based on the circumstances. However, one of your nurses left a great impression on me and I wanted to share my story.

My father was taken to the St. Elizabeth Florence Emergency Room, due to heart related conditions. While at the facility, I met one of your nurses, Dawne. I can't begin to explain how impressed I was with her bedside manner.

Two things in particular impressed me:
1. Her ability to calm a person who is scared and feeling lost was phenomenal. While she was in the room, you would have thought she did not have any other patients to tend to. She was very attentive to the questions being asked and used lay terms in her answers. She described things in a manner that a child could understand, yet did it in a way that wasn't demeaning.

2. I think what really left a lasting impression on me is that she took a personal event in her own life and was able to use that to get my dad (a very stubborn man) to see the seriousness of making life changes.

You could really tell that she enjoyed what she does. She was, today, the face of St. Elizabeth and she did an amazing job.
     ~ Jon C., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Florence Patient

Jodi C. was my awesome nurse when I came into the Edgewood ER, having a kidney stone. She and the ER physician made sure I was able to receive pain management ASAP.

Jodi not only made sure I was comfortable, but also treated me like I was her own family. I never felt like I was just a number. She was always pleasant and kept me informed of what was happening.

I work in the customer service industry and Jodi’s smile when she walked into the room reflects her positivity. It is because of people like Jodi I go to St. Elizabeth Edgewood.
     ~ Sean M., St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient

My 49-year-old father began having a heart attack at work. He was rushed to St. Elizabeth Edgewood within minutes. He went into cardiac arrest multiple times and was revived. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for every hand that was laid on him! By the grace of God the doctors, nurses, ems workers, and all of those that assisted were able to save him! They worked hard and fast! All of the staff were a blessing to my dad and his entire family.
     ~ Amanda K., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Edgewood Patient - via Facebook

I took my son to [St. Elizabeth Florence Emergency Department] for a laceration to his face. the people were wonderful. The receptionist was a very sweet lady. The triage nurse was pleasant to deal and very nice. The doctor and nursing staff were wonderful. I was concerned for my son and his injury and he was nervous as well. Once Dr. Ziegler came in those worries were eased. They cleaned him up and got the bleeding stopped and taken care of. We were in and out within a hour. We left the hospital with my son in a good mood, because of the attention and care he received. Best medical emergency service I've ever had. I highly recommend [St. Elizabeth Florence] and the people who work there.
     ~ Trish C., Family Member of St. Elizabeth Florence Patient - via Facebook

I was a patient in your emergency room and I wanted to let you know about the wonderful care I received. I fell and broke my arm and was in quite a bit of pain, but the cheerfulness and care of your staff (Dr. Vest; Tech Corey; RNs Jenny, Debbie, Christie and Jack and Janet from the lab) took my mind off of it some. They are all a credit to your hospital.
     ~ Lucy W., St. Elizabeth Ft. Thomas Patient

An emerging area of concern for law enforcement is “excited delirium syndrome.” As we were investigating how to train police officers, Terry Foster was recommended to teach the medical aspect. Terry immediately agreed to help provide the training. On January 29, 2013, Terry instructed over 70 supervisors from the Florence PD, Airport PD, Boone County Sheriff’s Department, Boone County Jail and Boone County Dispatch Center. It was obvious from his presentation that Terry was well-prepared and well-versed in this area. He took a complicated medical issue and made it easier to understand for law enforcement. He represented himself, his profession and St. Elizabeth very well. His efforts were instrumental to law enforcement efforts in Boone County.
            ~ Tom Szurlinski, Police Officer/Chief, Florence Police Department

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