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We are committed to reducing heart attack-related deaths in our community and giving you access to state-of-the-art facilities with the latest technological advances. See how these residents of the Greater Cincinnati region received extraordinary heart care for their day-to-day life.

User Stories
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Jana V.     |   Edgewood
I will never forget the life-altering experience I had two years ago, the night before my 44th birthday. By all accounts, I should not be here today. That night, I began to have excruciating back pain. I was taken to the Emergency Room at St. Elizabeth, where Dr. John Ganim quickly determined that it wasn’t a back problem at all, but rather my heart. I had a severe tear in my aorta and was given less than a 10 percent chance to live. In a matter of minutes, my daughters went from thinking their mom had a back injury to being told their mother was probably not going to make it. I even told the girls “goodbye.”
Joan B.     |   Cardiac Rehab
In August 2003, Joan B. went to her primary care physician complaining of indigestion at night. Dr. Wenk arranged an EKG in the office and after reviewing the results, insisted that Joan be admitted to St. Elizabeth Healthcare for monitoring and a stress test.
Dave N.     |   Edgewood
I would like to post a nice testimonial about the outstanding heart care I recently received at St. Elizabeth Edgewood.

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