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Letter from Our Medical Director
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As a lifelong resident of Kentucky, I returned here after completing my medical training in electrophysiology with the sole intention of developing the best electrophysiology program in the state of Kentucky and the surrounding region. I understand many of the problems Kentuckians face and I am committed to improving the heart health of this community.

At the St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute Arrhythmia Center we have researched and studied the best and newest procedures and equipment and have established excellent outcomes for patients. We have combined our advanced technology with communication, commitment and compassion, producing excellent physician-patient relationships that serve more as a partnership toward long-term health improvements. We treat every patient with the care that we would provide for our own family and we strive to provide a strong support system while patients are dealing with the questions that arise when dealing with arrhythmias.

Over the last several years St. Elizabeth, with the support of the Foundation and this community, has committed time, money and resources toward developing a state-of-the-art Heart & Vascular Institute. Through this Institute we are bringing together all the leading technologies and innovations in the fields of cardiology, electrophysiology, cardiovascular surgery and interventional radiology and providing a framework for excellence and individualized patient care that is second to none. We have reached out to physicians throughout the region and have established relationships built on trust and respect.

As the electrophysiology program has grown we have recruited two new highly trained electrophysiologists who share my passion for patient care and excellence in electrophysiology. We have experienced, dedicated staff who provide compassionate care for each patient. We offer a comprehensive scope of treatments and therapies, from as simple as reassuring someone about their symptoms up to the most complex ablations and procedures for atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia and cardiac rhythm management.

Our highly trained, skilled team is committed to serving you in the relentless pursuit of health and excellent outcomes. It is our goal not just to treat, but also to be your advocates and partners, working together to help you improve your heart health. I know that you will be satisfied if you choose us for your heart rhythm concerns.


J. Christian Hays, M.D., FACC
Medical Director
Arrhythmia Center

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