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Medical Services

Intensive Care Units

On behalf of St. Elizabeth Healthcare and our staff, we welcome you to our Intensive Care Units. We know being a patient or family member visiting the ICU can be a stressful time. We are staffed with experts that will provide the best and most reliable care to you during your stay. 

Intensive Care Units Menu

We are proud to say that here at St. Elizabeth Healthcare our ICU’s are staffed with Registered Nurses. Rounding out our staff are support personnel such as nurse assistants and clerical coordinators. They are here to assist you and the nurses in providing the best care possible.

Our staff completes comprehensive training in various aspects of Intensive Care Nursing, and each year attends various classes to update those skills.

General Rules

  • Two visitors are allowed per room.
  • No one under 14 years of age is permitted to see a patient.
  • While flowers are not banned from the ICU, it is our recommendation that visitors choose another option, such as sending a Care Card while a patient is in critical condition. Because it may be difficult to distinguish which patients are at risk and which are not, should flowers be delivered to the ICU, the nursing staff will most likely ask the family to take them home to reduce the risk for all patients.

Our staff is very concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of our patients.

When calling ICU units, specific information can not be shared over the phone. We ask that you establish a contact person and a phone tree to contact other family members. By providing us with one person to impart information to, this will allow us more time to spend with your loved one. 

Visitor Guidelines