Virtual Urogynecology Visits? At St. Elizabeth Physicians, Absolutely.


In today’s ever-changing COVID-19 health crisis, it’s hard to know how to move forward with regularly scheduled appointments and procedures – as well as how to address any healthcare concerns that have arisen during the last few months.

At St. Elizabeth Physicians Urogynecology, we know this is a challenging time. We are here to help in any way – and that includes encouraging you to make your health a priority. Our Urogynecology team has been seeing patients virtually for the last 18 months, which has made the COVID-19 transition seamless. We have a robust virtual platform in place and encourage all of our patients to connect with our office as a first step.

Dr. Sonali Raman, Lead Physician at St. Elizabeth Physicians Urogynecology, was recently published in the International Urogynecology Journal in a guide for urogynecology physicians on how to utilize telemedicine. She has spearheaded the transition to virtual visits and pleased with the positive impact on patient care.

“Virtual visits are best right now unless you need to be seen in person for an examination or in-office procedure,” says Dr. Raman. “Our patients and their safety are our top priority, and we are committed to providing them with optimal care – whether that is virtual or in person.”

Enhanced Safety Measures

If you do need to come into the office, rest assured that the St. Elizabeth Physicians Urogynecology team has put enhanced protective measures into place, including:  

  • Chairs spaced out in the waiting room to maintain social distancing.
  • Patients are welcome to wait in the parking lot and receive a call to come in when it’s time for their appointment.
  • Check in stations and the waiting rooms are frequently sanitized using state of the art sanitizing dispensers.
  • Each exam room is cleaned and sanitized after each patient.
  • Temperature checks are performed and COVID-19 screening questions are asked when patients arrive.
  • Patient, caregivers and all staff and physicians will be wearing masks.

“We have started doing checkouts and future appointment scheduling in the exam room as well,” says Dr. Raman. “Our goal is to decrease patient movement in the office to decrease the possibility of exposure.”

St. Elizabeth Physicians follows and exceeds all CDC guidelines and State of Kentucky health directives to maximize patient safety in all areas.

Preparing for Surgery

Many patients postponed their surgical procedures in light of the COVID-19 health crisis. The expert team at St. Elizabeth Physicians Urogynecology want to reassure patients that surgical procedures are safe and available for rescheduling.  

Currently, all St. Elizabeth surgery patients are tested for COVID-19 before surgery. The St. Elizabeth visitor policy is evolving along with the current CDC guidelines, so speak with your care provider to get the most up-to-date information.

In addition to a negative COVID-19 test, both the Urogynecology team and your primary care physician must clear you for surgery for as an extra layer of patient safety. The Urogynecology team also prepares patients prior to surgery with ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) to help aid in a quicker recovery, shorter hospital visit and decreased narcotic use.

“We encourage all of our surgery patients to exercise, eat a healthy diet with plenty of proteins to prepare for their procedure,” says Dr. Raman. “The goal is to have our patients recover from their own homes instead of inside the hospital whenever possible.”

St. Elizabeth MyChart is a Great Tool

Still not sure what to do? No problem. Log on to MyChart and start a dialogue with the St. Elizabeth Physicians Urogynecology office.

“MyChart is a fantastic tool, especially right now,” says Dr. Raman. “Reach out with a MyChart message and let us know your concerns. This gives us time to review your chart, understand your situation and make a recommendation.”

Many times, a virtual visit will be enough, but occasionally the Urogynecology team will want to see you for an in-person appointment. If you need help getting started in MyChart, call the office at (859) 757-2132.

We’re Here for You

At St. Elizabeth Physicians Urogynecology, we are here to help. Our practice is structured to give patients virtual and in-person options for maximum convenience, and during COVID-19 we are more committed than ever to meet patient needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our office at (859) 757-2132.