Should I Delay My Mammogram?


During the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, it’s hard to know when to return to regularly scheduled appointments and activities. One question that we frequently hear at St. Elizabeth is: should I delay my mammogram?

The short answer is no – there is currently no reason to delay your screening mammogram. More than 90% of small early-stage breast cancers are curable – which means early detection is a key piece to identifying and treating breast cancer.

“Mammograms have been proven to save lives,” says Terri Bogan, Nurse Manager for the St. Elizabeth Breast Centers. “Our goal is to identify breast cancer early, when the cancer is most curable.”

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, our team of mammography experts remain committed to safely performing mammograms. Delaying a screening mammogram by a few weeks or even a few months should not have long-term consequences on your health. However, delaying it for too long – like an entire year – may reflect a surge in late-stage breast cancers and a delay in care and treatment for many women.   

Safety is a Priority at St. Elizabeth Healthcare

St. Elizabeth Healthcare has taken significant steps to protect both patients and associates during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have consistently exceeded the CDC recommendations and guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone who walks through the doors of St. Elizabeth.

These protective steps include:

  • All St. Elizabeth associates are required to have their temperature taken daily.
  • All St. Elizabeth associates wear masks throughout their entire shift.
  • Patient is met by a greeter to have their temperature taken, given a mask if they don’t have one and instructed to use hand sanitizer to ensure proper hand hygiene.
  • State-of-the-art disinfectant technology has been implemented throughout St. Elizabeth facilities to add an extra layer of security.

If you are coming into one of the St. Elizabeth Breast Centers, you will also notice a few key changes to ensure your safety and protection.

“In our Breast Centers, we escort patients directly to their private changing area and mammography suite to ensure proper social distancing,” says Terri. “Screening mammograms typically take less than 15 minutes from beginning to end, which often is less time than you spend at the grocery store.”

St. Elizabeth Mobile Mammography Unit: Open for Patients

The St. Elizabeth Mobile Mammography Unit is also back on the road and open for screening mammograms. While walk-ins may be accepted on a case-by-case basis, our team recommends making an appointment to ensure no wait time between patients.

Safety remains a top priority in the Mobile Mammography Unit. Patients will have their temperatures checked, be given a mask and encouraged to use hand sanitizer before their appointment begins.

“Patients should feel confident about getting back on track with their routine health screenings,” says Madonna Vinicombe, Program Manager for the St. Elizabeth Mobile Mammography Unit. “The St. Elizabeth Breast Centers and Mobile Mammography Unit are open and safe for screening mammograms. We want to remind our patients that early detection saves lives.”

St. Elizabeth Mammography Services: We’re Here for You

To make a mammography appointment, schedule via MyChart or by calling (859) 655-7400.