8 tips to conquer your next hill run [Video]


Running is a mental sport, and any seasoned runner can tell you hills provide their own special mental challenge. If you’re a Greater  Cincinnati runner, you’re pretty familiar with our less-than-flat city.

In the latest On the Run video, St. Elizabeth physical therapist Stacey McConnell explains the best way to tackle the hills in your next race or training run.

One more tip – develop a mantra when you’re running up hills. I repeat, “I love hills,” to myself until I reach the top. Sounds corny, but it actually works. I can’t say I truly love hills, but a mantra will make the incline seem a little easier.

Spectators play an important role, too. If you’re planning to cheer for the runners at the Flying Pig, head to Eden Park or the base of any bridge to offer some much-needed support. The runners will really appreciate it!