Get Your New Year’s Resolutions Back on Track as We Spring Forward


If you are like most people, your motivation for New Year’s resolutions falters on January 12. It seems we set ourselves up for failure by creating resolutions at the worst time of year—the long holiday season is over, the weather is cold, the nights are long, and our moods are affected by the lack of sunlight. When our clocks “spring forward” is a much more apt time to make positive health changes and start fresh.

Dr. Troy Schumann, Medical Director of the St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center feels, “One of the biggest factors in the success of resolutions is your drive to want to change. Spring tends to bring about a natural desire for change, you may have given up something for Lent, summer is around the corner and the days are finally getting longer.”

Create Life Changes That Keep You Motivated Longer
Dr. Schumann recommends when you make resolutions or set goals for yourself you realize one truth—no one is perfect. He says, “If I know one thing it is that everyone will falter in their goals—we are human. The key is to win the day, then win the week. By winning more days than you are losing, you can win the ultimate battle.”

Dr. Schumann offers some tips to create life changes that keep you motivated.

  1. Start small. If weight loss is your goal choose an attainable goal—lose 5 pounds. Then build on your success. Many people still think a goal weight is what they weighed as a sophomore in high school, but body composition changes and we need to set realistic goals for our body.
  2. Make one change at a time. By choosing to change three things at once, you are setting yourself up for failure. Conquer one life change before you pile on several.
  3. Find a partner or a group that share your goals. Often, it helps to have someone to discuss the highs and lows of your lifestyle change.
  4. Make your ultimate goal to be happy, healthy and have the ability to sustain that lifestyle.

Dr. Schumann isn’t just a board-certified bariatrician, he has fought the battle with weight before, weighing over 300 pounds at one time in his life. “When you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. Pick yourself back up and move on. You have to fight every day to win the battle.”

If you need help keeping your weight goals on track, schedule an appointment at the St. Elizabeth Weight Management Center by calling (859) 212-4625.