Family Support During Cancer


When a loved one is going through cancer, it impacts the entire family. At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we know this can be an overwhelming and stressful time, and we’re here to help.  

The St. Elizabeth Cancer Center is proud to be working with local nonprofit organizations Cancer Family Care and Cancer Support Community to offer comprehensive support services to cancer patients and their loved ones. When the Center opens in fall 2020, areas for individual and family counseling along with support groups will be available on-site in the doTERRA Center for Integrative Oncology, giving patients and their caregivers immediate access to support services all in one location.

Help for anyone affected by cancer

Support services are open to anyone impacted by cancer. Cancer Family Care sees patients, spouses, family members, adult children, grandchildren, children with parents undergoing cancer treatment – anyone who could benefit from support during the cancer journey.

“Cancer can be an overwhelming experience for everyone,” says Jeannette DeBol, a licensed social worker at Cancer Family Care. “It brings up all sorts of emotions that people wouldn’t expect – sadness, fear, loss, anger, grief. Our services give patients and their families a safe place to talk about things that they might not be able to say in front of their other family members.” A loved one’s cancer journey can also profoundly impact children and grandchildren. Many times, talking about it with a professional can help ease their stress and anxiety. Cancer Family Care offers Treehouse Children’s Services, a program focused on meeting the emotional needs of children between the ages of 5 -18 affected by either their own cancer or a loved one’s cancer.

In addition to offering services to the Northern Kentucky Community, Cancer Family Care also has several locations around the greater Cincinnati area. Call (513) 731-3346 to speak with a social worker about services available near your home or work.

Patients interest in learning more about the services available at the St. Elizabeth Cancer Center can visit St. Elizabeth Cancer Care for more information.