Breast Cancer Diagnosis: What Should I Do?


Breast Cancer Diagnosis: What Should I Do?

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we know that a breast cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and scary. Our entire Breast Center team is here for you during this uncertain time – and rest assured that we’ll walk with you on each step of your breast cancer journey.

Terri Bogan, Nurse Manager of the St. Elizabeth Women’s Wellness Centers, offers the following tips to patients and their families when they receive a breast cancer diagnosis.

  1. Go to a NAPBC-certified facility.
    The St. Elizabeth Breast Center is NAPBC-certified (National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers). This accreditation recognizes our Breast Center’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art imaging and care to our patients. The St. Elizabeth Breast Center is re-certified every three years to ensure we are giving our patients access to the highest level of breast cancer care and complying with NAPBC Standards.
  2. Look for a supportive medical team.
    Trust is such an important piece of your medical care. At St. Elizabeth, your comfort and care are our top priority. It’s important to have a medical team that you trust, as you’ll be walking side-by-side with them throughout your breast cancer journey.
  3. Take a breath.
    Terri reinforces that even though it feels like you have to make an immediate decision and spring into action, you do have time. Over 99% of breast cancer cases are not a medical emergency requiring same-day intervention. Take a breath and know that you’re in good hands.“It’s important to know that you DO have time to take that vacation or tie up those loose ends at work,” says Terri. “During that time, our team will be evaluating treatment options for your specific case and begin getting the pieces into place at St. Elizabeth.”Terri stresses the importance of taking the time to really discuss your options with the medical team instead of jumping headfirst into treatment. The goal is to help you through this for the long-term, one step at a time.
  4. Take advantage of your Nurse Navigator
    At the St. Elizabeth Breast Center, you are never alone. Do you have a question you forgot to ask or maybe you can’t remember the name of the chemotherapy agent your doctor recommended? Call your nurse navigator – they’re your first point of contact and will remain your touchpoint throughout the entirety of your treatment, surgery, recovery and beyond.
  5. Get Support
    The St. Elizabeth and Northern Kentucky communities offer a variety of support options for breast cancer patients and survivors. The St. Elizabeth Helping Each Other support group meets on the first Monday of the month, and many community events offer patients cooking classes, exercise programs and more. Your nurse navigator will connect you with any services you may need.

Your Breast Cancer Partner

If you would like to learn more about the St. Elizabeth Breast Center, please call (859) 301-6257 to make an appointment at the Edgewood location or (859) 572-2300 to make an appointment at the Fort Thomas location. We offer imaging at all four Breast Center locations in Edgewood, Fort Thomas, Florence and Covington and comprehensive care at the Edgewood and Fort Thomas locations.