Are boxed meals as bad as you think? [Video]


Coming home after a long day can be relaxing until a stark realization hits you: You forgot to get something out for dinner. You scramble around the kitchen looking for leftovers or something quick and easy. And then you remember those three or four little boxes you almost always keep in your pantry for nights like this: Tuna Helper, mac ‘n cheese, spaghetti and any other variety of boxed meal that just has to be thrown in the pan.

You probably feel guilty if you eat these more than once a week because you know they don’t contain all the valuable vitamins and nutrients your kids (and you!) need.

Well, if you’ve felt this way before, Karah Stanley, registered dietitian from the  St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center, is here to save the day. Karah will explain how to add some needed nutrients to those stand-by boxed meals.