Facility Updates

Florence Hospital Construction Update

The New Hospital Main Entrance opened on May 1, 2023 and is receiving visitor, same day surgery patients, PT patients and staff.

The current 2B Medical Office Building (MOB) will now serve as the primary entrance for patients and associates who see or work in the Medical Office Building.

Main Entrance Roadway to 1A (Main Entrance), 2B MOB, 1C (Professional Building) and 1D (Endoscopy/Spine Center) is reconfigured and is one way only. All directional signs are posted.

Houston Road Access: Effective Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10, The inbound and outbound lanes at Houston Road will be closed to all traffic except Emergency Room Vehicles. All associate, physician and visitor traffic will need to enter through the Turfway Road entrance.

Temporary Emergency Department Access Drive: A temporary access drive has been created to main emergency vehicle access to the Emergency Department. Please follow all signage, lane designations, and stop signs to make this temporary access drive a success.

TANK Bus Stops: Two bus stops locations are available at the 3A entrance and 1D building.

Riders traveling northbound towards Cincinnati will need to board the bus at the temporary location outside the 1D Endoscopy/Spine Center.

Riders traveling southbound towards Florence will need to board the bus at the temporary location outside the 3A Entrance.

St. Elizabeth Florence Campus