Estimates: Frequently Asked Questions

St. Elizabeth Healthcare provides an estimate to let patients know what their estimated out of pocket cost will be based on services that are ordered and/or scheduled by a provider and insurance benefit information (at the time the estimate is given). The actual amount due is subject to change based on the procedure performed and actual benefits provided by your insurance company.

St. Elizabeth extends a 15% discount for patients that pre-pay their estimated out of pocket.

The Pre-Access department will provide an estimate to you when you are scheduled/pre-registered. You may also receive an estimate via MyChart, mail or at the time of registration.

If your provider ordered services for an unscheduled service such as an x-ray or EKG, the Registration department will provide an estimate upon your arrival.

There are several insurance carriers and services that out of pocket benefits don’t apply to, may be difficult to estimate, or are not provided electronically. At the time of scheduling or pre-registration, we will advise if this applies to you. For these services, you may be asked to pay a copay or standard amount up front instead of an estimated out of pocket due.

If you have insurance, the estimate will only include hospital charges. Other provider charges are not included in the estimate. You may receive a separate bill for services such as physician, radiologist, and anesthesiologist fees. Phone numbers for frequently used provider services are included below:

St. Elizabeth Physicians: (859) 344-5555
Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky: (877) 448-8667
Anesthesia Group Practice: (859) 341-2666

If you are self-pay, your estimate will contain information about potential co-provider charges that you may be billed for.

The information provided is only an estimate and is not a guarantee of final billed charges. Final billed charges may vary from hospital estimates for many reasons, such as the patient’s medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis and actual treatment provided. Insurance benefits may also cause a final bill to vary from an estimate. Insurance benefit information is based on information provided by your insurance company as of the date of the estimate. Benefits and eligibility are subject to change. The information obtained from the insurance carrier may not reflect any payments that are currently in process, which could cause a change in the actual amount due.

For information about disputing a self-pay estimate, please follow the instructions on the estimate.

St. Elizabeth will still provide you with an estimate that includes a 40% self-pay discount. This discount is also applicable on your final bill.

For more information about good faith self-pay estimates, please click here.

If you are unable to pay the estimated amount due for your services, you may qualify for financial assistance. You can find an application here. If you would like to discuss financial assistance options, please call (859) 655-1925 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. for more information.

For any hospital stay that is overnight or longer, St. Elizabeth charges a set price based on the admission reason. For example, the charge for uncomplicated childbirth (DRG 807) is $17,573.26, and will not change, even if your stay is longer than planned. This price can be found in the All Inpatient Charges section of our website.