Mental Health In Youth

Youth Are Sending Us a Clear Message About Their Mental Health

According to the 2021 KIP (Kentucky Injury Prevention) Survey, the number of youth experiencing serious psychological distress rose from 14% to 22% in 2021.  This is especially true for girls and students identifying outside the gender binary.   For more information, see:

A resource for building strong, healthy children and youth.

The importance of enabling children and youth to function successfully in life cannot be understated. Everyday stressors are contributing to a rise in anxiety and depression among children and youth. This often leads to unhealthy coping behaviors and can lead to self-harm and suicide ideation.

To counter this rise in child/adolescent mental health needs, St. Elizabeth Healthcare is partnering with local agencies to make training materials available at no cost to parents and guardians and school teachers and other youth leaders who work with children ages K-12th grade.

Research supports the importance of preparing children to avoid the adoption of unhealthy behaviors by building their social and emotional skills as early as preschool.

Education should focus on the following skills: self-control; emotional awareness; communication; social problem-solving; and academic support, especially in reading. (1)


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In the menu, you will find a variety of training resources for K-12 grade children to assist you as you build a strong social and emotional foundation in the children you serve.

Training Resources

Family-Focused Messages on Youth Mental Health

National Institute on Drug Abuse


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