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News Room: LOCAL 12: Medical Edge: Prayer Shawls

To view this story, with video, on Local 12's website, please click here.

Local 12
By: Liz Bonis

EDGEWOOD, Ky. (Liz Bonis) --
A woman from Alexandria added quite a touch of warmth, literally, to patients undergoing treatment at the Saint Elizabeth Cancer Care Center in Edgewood.

When Mary Griffin started chemotherapy for ovarian cancer she noticed something about those who were also in treatment sitting around her.

"I noticed that they were cold and I thought, 'Gee whiz, maybe they would like to have one of these shawls,'" explained Mary.

The shawls are prayer shawls.  Mary made them with a team of friends at her church.

She said, "I have a group of about 14 women.  We meet once a month and in the mean time they are working at home, crocheting or knitting."

The shawls are then collected and passed on by nurses such as Abbie Oschner at the same cancer center where Mary gets her own care.

Ochsner is an assistant nurse manager and said, "They are beautiful and people just feel so loved getting them."

Each shawl came with a special prayer card.  Inside it said, "This shawl was passed around by this circle of friends.  It is blessed by loving hearts and may it wrap you in Gods loving arms."

This special delivery wrapped up in love sent a powerful message that somebody cares.  It means a lot to Mary too who said even though she doesn't always see who gets the prayer shawls she is happy the women have them.

"That's not important to me, it's just important that some of the women are happy to have them," said Mary.

Mary is 85-years-old and proof that a person is never too late to have a new calling in your life.  She already delivered more than 200 of the prayer shawls for patients at the Saint Elizabeth Cancer Care Center.

And, even though she is still in treatment, she shows no sign of slowing down.

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