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News Room: I Have Spring Allergies...What Should I Do?

By: Dr. Marshall Wise and Dr. Duane Keitel, Allergy Partners

If allergy testing reveals that a person has tree/Spring pollen allergies, there are lots of steps they can take to decrease their symptoms:

1. The first step is to monitor pollen counts. Our practice regularly updates our Facebook page and our website’s blog with the latest pollen and mold counts.

2. Keep windows and doors shut at home, and in your car during allergy season.  Some cars have an option to recycle air in the car rather than continuously bringing in outside air, and this is a good option to use if you have pollen allergies.

3. Take a shower, wash hair and change clothing after being outdoors working or playing.

4. Wear a high-quality mask when doing outdoor chores like mowing the lawn.

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