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News Room: COURIER-JOURNAL: Northern Kentucky hospital to offer Level 3 NICU

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By: Laura Ungar

St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky has gotten the go-ahead to provide Level 3 neonatal services at its Edgewood hospital, meaning babies needing this high level of care will soon be able to get it there.

Officials at St. Elizabeth Healthcare said they have recieved a certificate of need from the state. They were required to show there was a need in that area for a Level 3 NICU, and that they, along with neonatologists at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, could provide the care.

They plan to launch this higher level of care “as soon as possible.”

Officials said this approval will allow them to care for babies at any gestational age, unless they require services only available at Cincinnati Children’s. Along with neonatologists at Cincinnati Children’s and Tri-State Maternal Fetal Specialists, St. Elizabeth will also be able to provide services such as minor surgeries and continuous ventilation at the facility, officials said.

St. Elizabeth delivered more than 4,500 babies in 2012. The previous year, the hospital system completed an $11 million renovation to its labor, delivery and nursery unit to accomodate a Level 3 NICU.

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