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Heart Health

Dr. Locher Practices What He Preaches – A Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Growing up in East Tennessee you may not be offered fruit and oatmeal for breakfast – biscuits and gravy are more of a staple. Dr. James Locher, Cardiac Surgeon at the St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute explained, “I think, like most people, I inherited bad lifestyle habits from my family that could easily lead to  

Surviving a Heart Attack Alone

Having a heart attack is scary no matter what the circumstance, but if you are alone and having chest pain you need to be prepared. Daniel Zalkind, MD, Cardiologist at the St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular Institute warns, “A heart attack can begin as chest pain and quickly progress to sudden cardiac arrest. Statistics tell  

What You Should Know About TAVR – An Alternative to Valve Replacement Surgery

Has one of your loved ones been told they need to have their heart valve replaced? If so, they probably have aortic valve stenosis. When someone needs a heart valve replacement their quality of life is poor. They usually see a decline in daily activities and suffer from extreme fatigue. Typically, the doctor performs open  

St. Elizabeth Participates in Groundbreaking Research Study for Heart and Peripheral Artery Disease

A new standard of care that reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack may be on the horizon to treat people with stable coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease (PAD) more effectively. Current treatment to prevent heart attack and stroke commonly consists of low-dose aspirin therapy. The COMPASS (Cardiovascular OutcoMes for People using  

New Blood Pressure Guidelines—What Do They Mean?

The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, issued new blood pressure guidelines in November 2017, for the first time in 14 years. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to the heart disease, heart failure, and stroke. DP Suresh, MD Medical Director for the St. Elizabeth Heart & Vascular, and Chairman for  

Tragedy Strikes Twice for Local Woman

Susan Cox did the unthinkable – she drove herself to the hospital, even though she thought she could be having a heart attack. Her children had already been through so much when they lost their father to heart disease, so she didn’t want them to see her leave in an ambulance. Susan said, “Just two  

Heart Attack Survivor Aspires to be American Ninja Warrior

At 43 years old, Dennis Dalton doesn’t let much slow him down—not even a heart attack. November 2, 2017 was a typical Thursday for Dennis. He worked all day and met a small group he helps to train for obstacle course race training—think American Ninja Warrior. After a tough workout, he wasn’t feeling great and  

Paramedic Ignores His Own Heart Attack Symptoms

Phil Dietz has an endless list of jobs—Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director for Independence Fire Department, flight paramedic, cardiac life support educator, Vice President of Kentucky Ambulance Provider Association, and youth football coach. When he was having the classic heart attack symptoms—he ignored them. At only 39, Phil felt it was too early to start  

Cold Weather and Heart Attacks: is there a Link?

The ins and outs of heart health in frigid temperatures It’s one of the most dreaded parts of winter: shoveling snow out in the cold. But can the cold weather and shoveling cause a heart attack? Dr. Saadeddine Dughman, an Interventional Cardiologist with the St. Elizabeth Heart and Vascular Institute, weighs in on the debate.  

Quit Smoking in 2018 with the Freshstart Program

What is the Freshstart program? The Freshstart program is a free smoking cessation program developed by the American Cancer Society. The program is offered throughout the year at St. Elizabeth Healthcare locations, including Edgewood, Fort Thomas, Covington, Florence and Grant County, as well as at locations throughout the Northern Kentucky community. Freshstart is the first