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News Room: eVisits Bring St. Elizabeth Physicians’ Topnotch Doctors to You

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Crestview Hills, KY –
St. Elizabeth Physicians is the first in the region to offer electronic visits, or eVisits, with its primary care physicians for patients suffering from standard health problems like urinary tract discomfort, pink eye or just a nasty cough, as well as diarrhea, sinus pain and congestion, and back pain. Now, patients can obtain the medical care they need at the time and place that’s convenient for them.

eVisits are just one of the many innovative healthcare solutions that St. Elizabeth Physicians is committed to bringing to its patients and the community. An eVisit is a way for patients to connect with their healthcare provider through St. Elizabeth’s MyChart account from any location with internet access. For a nominal fee of $35, established patients with MyChart accounts can log in and follow the prompts to obtain an eVisit with their healthcare provider.

During an eVisit, patients will be asked a series of online questions about their symptoms through a secure MyChart forum. Their responses are then reviewed by a St. Elizabeth Physicians provider who has secure access to their medical information.

After the patient’s responses are reviewed by their healthcare provider, they’ll receive a summary of their diagnosis, as well as their doctor’s assessment of their condition and their treatment plan, including prescription medications, if appropriate. Provider’s responses will be made within same business day if patients submit their eVisit on a weekday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If they submit their eVisit during the evening or on a weekend, they’ll receive their physician’s response the next business day.

“We are excited to continue providing convenient solutions for patients to access their personal physicians and their partners. Innovative solutions like eVisits and online scheduling are just a few ways to accomplish this goal. We plan to build on these solutions with telemedicine, otherwise known as video visits, later this year,” shared Dr. Glenn Loomis, St. Elizabeth Physicians President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to give our patients the most convenient ways to reach our providers – in person, online or via video with their personal provider whenever possible; and in urgent or express care when their personal provider is not available.”

The eVisit program was given a preliminary run during a pilot program with seven St. Elizabeth Physicians’ offices this past spring. Due to the positive patient response to that program, eVisits have been expanded to include all St. Elizabeth Physicians primary care providers.

Dr. Kimberly Vormbrock, of St. Elizabeth Physicians Edgewood Primary Care, was among those in the pilot program. She said that she receives between one and three eVisits every week and the response from patients has been overwhelmingly positive. “It seems to be a good way to take care of some standard issues for our patients when they have difficulty getting into the office (because of) their schedules or transportation,” she said. “Patients seem to be receptive to further directions on our part, even if imaging and labs are needed for proper care. Also these are patients we know well, which makes it easier to treat through eVisits.”

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