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News Room: HEALTHY NEIGHBORS: When someone you love is hospitalized …

Sending a card is as easy as a few taps on your keyboard

Whether it’s a loved one’s sudden need for surgery or delivery of a new baby, we want those close to us to know we’re thinking of them during their hospitalization. But, in today’s insanely busy world, a patient may be discharged and home before we can get to the store, select the right card and deliver it to the hospital. What you really need is a card store at your fingertips.

That’s where St. Elizabeth’s new and novel Care Cards enter the picture. Now, with just a few taps on your computer keyboard, you can select the perfect card for your hospitalized friend or family member, add your personal thoughts, and have it hand-delivered right to your loved one’s St. Elizabeth Healthcare hospital room.

Our new Care Card program — provided through the generosity of the local creative firm, Seed Strategy — is a revamping and expansion of our previous patient greeting card delivery service. Now you can choose from more than 60 unique card designs covering an array of sentiments, created to speak personally to those hospitalized for everything from birth to serious illness.

Cards hand-delivered twice each weekday
The beautifully printed and personalized cards are delivered two times each weekday at St. Elizabeth inpatient locations in Edgewood, Florence, Ft. Thomas and Grant County, as well as our Hospice Center.

“These new cards will help inspire healing, lend congratulations to new additions to the family, and bring some fun and joy to the lives of those we serve at St. Elizabeth,” said Volunteer Services Director, Jenelen Dulemba.

“We are very appreciative of this contribution from Seed Strategy for our patients.”

To create and send a Care Card to a St. Elizabeth inpatient, follow these

  • Click here to go to the Care Card page.
  • Select a card from one of the 13 categories.
  • Complete the brief form with your name and email, as well as the patient’s name and location, and your personal message.
  • Preview your finished card, if you choose.
  • Click on “Deliver my Care Card.”
  • You will receive a verification email.

St. Elizabeth’s devoted team of volunteers will then hand-deliver your beautiful full-color card directly to your friend or family member. One final note, remember that the cards are only delivered on weekdays and cannot be sent to patients who are not admitted, those who’ve been discharged, those in the Emergency Department or our employees.

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