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News Room: St. E’s doctor’s first book looks into human psyche

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By: Amanda Hopkins

Dr. Rajeev Kurapati works with many different people on a daily basis as a board certified doctor in family medicine. He tires to work toward simple solutions to a patient’s health through science.

In his first book, “Unbound Intelligence: Discover the God Within,” Kurapati digs a little deeper into the human psyche to understand how people act and understanding why humans do the things they do.

“Since childhood, I’ve been curious about why people believe in the things they do, especially the belief in this transcendent ideal, we call God,” Kurapati said. “I spent countless hours trying to understand the various philosophical, historical and spiritual traditions in an attempt to find the answers to the transcendent nature of life.”

His book was released in January; it explores the topics of unconditional love and the universe and connects these topics through science and spirituality. His website, (, describes the book as being able to help the reader understand what he or she really wants in life and how to get it. He says that his experiences as a doctor helped him to develop his thoughts while writing.

“As a doctor, I get the unique opportunity to be around people in their most vulnerable moments. It is in these moments that I see the most organic side of people – their true selves,” Kurapati said.

“I’ve come to realize that every person, at their deepest core, is but a force of which we all share. A force that powers us all – our most instinctual, human selves. We are all driven by the same desires – the desire to live, thrive and leave a lasting legacy. I call this force the unbound intelligence.”

Kurapati said he began to write while in his early 30s after what he describes as an “epiphany” that helped him understand the “true essence of life.”

“I wanted to share with others the contentment I was experiencing from this new enlightened outlook, and so the book was born,” he said.

Kurapati said he applies much of what he discusses in his book to his medical practice. Writing the book has helped him create better connections with his patients.

“Knowing that at our deepest core we are the same helps me to treat each person with the utmost respect and attention,” he said.

He hopes that readers can connect to the book and help them in their own lives.

“If we can understand the most basic reason behind various ways of life, including our own, we can accept differences, and perhaps more importantly, understand ourselves.”

Outside of his medical practice and his daily writing, Kurapati also enjoys exercise and spending time with his family. He says he hopes to write more books and to engage more people through speaking engagements and book signings.

Kurapati lives in Cincinnati with his wife and young son. He works at a hospital-based practice with St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky.

His book, “Unbound Intelligence: Discover the God Within” is available on in paperback and e-book Kindle versions. To learn more about Dr. Rajeev Kurapati and read more of his writings, visit

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