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News Room: Volunteers donate time to create "Grief Blankets"

A group of St. Elizabeth associates and community members have been working diligently to create handmade blankets in order to donate them to the St. Elizabeth Family Birth Place. These blankets, grief blankets, are given to those families who, unfortunately, will experience a miscarriage or stillbirth.

The group started when Linda Riggs, a St. Elizabeth Edgewood Nurse, was approached by Sister Augusta with a need for grief blankets. Linda began crocheting in her free time – at softball practices, waiting at the body shop, etc. Without fail, she was continually approached and asked why she was always crocheting. And, without fail, when telling her story, strangers and friends found themselves compelled to donate their time and creative talents.

Now that the group has grown from one individual to a team of St. Elizabeth associates, friends and complete strangers, a heap of donations have been made to provide grieving mothers with this gift of hope.

With such a large group, the priest at St. Patrick Church in Taylor Mill, KY has granted Linda and her fellow blanket makers permission to use the church reception hall as a meeting place, in order to make these blankets together.

With growing support, Linda has been asked to create prayer shawls for hospice patients that don’t have visitors and lap throws for those in cancer care to let them know someone is thinking about them. While Linda’s army has grown, she has high hopes for an even larger group and would welcome anyone willing to participate. For those who do not know how to crotchet, Linda has expressed that she is willing to teach and fellow group member, Shyna Hamilton, will teach quilting.

If you would like join Linda, Shyna, Rebecca Neese and many others, contact Linda at (859) 363-7178. They are also always looking for yarn donations.

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