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News Room: LOCAL 12: Doctor Saves Life On Plane

To watch a video of this story and the reunion between the See family and Dr. Dozier on Local 12's website, please click here.

Local 12

There were plenty of smiles to go around in Edgewood today as an Indiana man was reunited with the doctor who saved his life.

She didn't do it in a hospital.

She saved his life in an airplane, as 84-year-old Harold See was flying from Cincinnati to Florida.

Local 12's Angela Ingram brings us the heartfelt reunion. Each year Harold See takes a trip to Florida with his wife.

When he started having chest pains his wife tried to help and gave him pills.

But it was clear he needed a medical professional and Doctor Emily Dozier was onboard.

{The See Family} is a family of medics. And they've come to Saint Elizabeth Medical Center to meet a doctor who once shared a flight the family's patriarch.

"She saved my life and I praise her and also I praise God."

In April, Doctor Emily Dozier was on the same flight to Florida as Harold See and his wife.

The 84-year-old had severe chest pain.

Flight attendants asked if there was a medical professional onboard and Dr. Dozier stepped forward.

"They handed me an AED which they carry on the plane which is an Automatic External Defibrillator. And I knew right away, when the screen turned on, that he was in ventricular tachycardia, which is a life threatening heart rhythm that can quickly progress to cardiac arrest and death."

Harold See Suffered Medical Emergency. "The minute that she shocked me, the pain went away right them."

Mr. See recovered at a Tampa hospital.

And the family wants to raise awareness about the equipment that Dr. Dozier used.

Randy See, Switzerland County EMS: "We also wanted to use the event to highlight the importance of learning CPR and AED usage.  I'm the EMS director for Switzerland County EMS and CPR training is one of the big things that we do in our community."

Randy See says the AED's are easy to use even for a layperson.

"There's a red handle on the bag. Look at pictures on pad."

The family believes the machine and a skilled professional who cared saved a life at 30-thousand-feet.

The family also wanted to thank the flight crew on the Delta plane that helped out.

Randy See says last year Switzerland County EMS trained more than 500 people on how to perform CPR and use AED's. Initially, the family wasn't sure how to contact the doctor.

One of the children posted the life-saving story on Facebook and the message got to Dr. Dozier that the family wanted to meet her.

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