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Natural Birth: What You Need to Know

Giving birth is a deeply personal and life-changing event. The team at the St. Elizabeth Healthcare Family Birth Place is committed to empowering you to make your birth experience as personalized and natural as you desire. “Natural childbirth is a wonderfully empowering option for women, but it’s important to be prepared and to select a  

Summer Travel with a Newborn

For many parents, traveling with a new baby can be stressful. Add in the fact that adjusting to regular life with a newborn can be a bit overwhelming – it’s enough to make you want to stay home until your newborn starts kindergarten! Don’t fear – the experts at St. Elizabeth Healthcare have you covered.  

Vaccinate Your Baby On Time to Prevent Illness

Immunization is designed to protect your child early in life when they are most vulnerable to life-threatening diseases  

March of Dimes: Making Steps for Healthy Moms and Babies

Each year, about 500,000 babies are born prematurely or with defects in the United States. The March of Dimes is dedicated to promoting healthy moms and strong babies – and St. Elizabeth Healthcare is right there for them every step of the way. March for Babies in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky St. Elizabeth plays an active role  

Safe Sleep Essentials for Babies

In the state of Kentucky, an infant passes away from a sleep-related risk factor every five days.* As a healthcare partner in the Northern Kentucky community, St. Elizabeth Healthcare is dedicated to helping our patients create safe sleep environments for their babies starting on their first day home from the hospital. Our goal is to  

Is the flu worse for pregnant women?

In 13 years of monitoring influenza, the CDC announced that, as of January 6, every part of the  

Birth Defect Awareness: What You Need to Know

Genetic testing – a source of knowledge Genetic testing is becoming more and more common in today’s society. Knowledge is power, and people enjoy having all the facts at their fingertips – including facts about their health. St. Elizabeth Healthcare offers board-certified genetic counselors to help our patients make more informed health decisions about everything  

Expecting Mothers: Hospital Bag Checklist for the Winter

The excitement of preparing for a new baby typically is centered on what you need in your nursery, but you need to prepare for your stay at the hospital as well. As the months get colder, you may also want to keep in mind some additional items. Myra McElheney, RN, OB Prenatal Educator, reached out  

Baby Gift Ideas: Essentials to the Splurge

Nothing is more fun than buying a gift for a newborn. Since the baby is too young to be thankful for the gift, you want the parents to be happy with your gift choice. Myra McElheney, RN, OB Prenatal Educator, reached out to some of the mom’s that have delivered babies at the Family Birth  

Expecting the Unexpected – A Stay in the NICU

When you are preparing to have a baby, you may have some surprises. For about 1 of every 10 pregnancies, the surprise is an early arrival of the baby. On November 17, we recognize World Prematurity Day to bring attention to the research, community support and medical teams that work together to give every baby