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Are you Ready for Weight Loss Surgery?

You’re tired of being unhealthy. You’ve tried every diet under the sun, without long-term success. You’ve been researching weight-loss surgery for months and stalking online discussion boards, but you’re scared it may not work. You’re ready for a major life change, and you don’t want to look back. If that sounds like you, you may  

How to Plan Your Healthy Year: Annual Well Visits

Get 2018 off to a healthy start. Schedule the most important appointment of the year, your annual well visit with your primary care physician. Although that isn’t the first appointment you may think to make, you are probably making health and wellness goals for the year ahead, so it makes sense to include your doctor  

Cold Weather and Heart Attacks: is there a Link?

The ins and outs of heart health in frigid temperatures It’s one of the most dreaded parts of winter: shoveling snow out in the cold. But can the cold weather and shoveling cause a heart attack? Dr. Saadeddine Dughman, an Interventional Cardiologist with the St. Elizabeth Heart and Vascular Institute, weighs in on the debate.  

Glaucoma – The Silent Thief of Sight

Known as the “silent thief of sight,” glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that lead to a buildup of fluid in your eye, increasing pressure and causing damage the optic nerve. This can slowly and silently steal your sight. Dr. Michael Wehmann, Ophthalmologist with St. Elizabeth Physicians, describes how the damage to the optic  

New Year, New Fitness Goals

If frequenting the gym is on your list of 2018 resolutions, you’ve come to the right place. From stretching to correctly using gym equipment and creating healthy new habits, St. Elizabeth Healthcare is here to back up your 2018 fitness goals. Stretching: keep it simple and effective For both gym newbies and gym regulars, stretching  

Cervical Cancer Awareness: What You Should Know

At St. Elizabeth Healthcare, we want to educate and facilitate early detection and prevention of cancer. January is Cervical Health Awareness month – learn more about cervical cancer symptoms, risk factors, prevention and treatment options below and pass along to other females in your life. Cervical Cancer: Symptoms The symptoms of cervical cancer can be  

Debunking Winter Illness Myths

Cold and flu season is upon us We all dread cold and flu season and the seemingly endless parade of illnesses that march through our households. Along with these cold and flu viruses come a variety of information – sometimes accurate and sometimes less-than-factual. Dr. Elizabeth Velazquez, a family practice physician at St. Elizabeth Physicians,  

Trendy Diets – Do They Work?

Keto, Paleo, 21-day Fix and intermittent fasting – they are grabbing headlines for the hottest diet trends in 2018. But do they work? Rachel Wagner, MS, LD, a licensed dietitian at St. Elizabeth Physicians Weight Management Center tells us the pros and cons of the hottest diets and how to achieve your long-term weight goals. “Trendy  

Nutrition Facts Labels Changing – Eventually

The current nutritional label (food label) can be very confusing: who really knows what 15% of Vitamin A really means? Did you know a 15 oz. can of soup is 2 servings? The good news is a newer, more user friendly nutritional label is coming. The new label was originally scheduled to be on all  

Quit Smoking in 2018 with the Freshstart Program

What is the Freshstart program? The Freshstart program is a free smoking cessation program developed by the American Cancer Society. The program is offered throughout the year at St. Elizabeth Healthcare locations, including Edgewood, Fort Thomas, Covington, Florence and Grant County, as well as at locations throughout the Northern Kentucky community. Freshstart is the first