9 Options to Relieve the Pain of Thumb Arthritis

Thumb arthritis pain can be debilitating, making ordinary tasks difficult to complete. If you suffer from thumb arthritis, pain is the most common symptom. Other symptoms include: Pain when you grip, grasp or pinch an object, or use your thumb to apply force. Swelling, stiffness and tenderness. Decreased strength in your hand and thumb. Decreased  

E-Cigarettes: A Good or Bad Smoking Alternative?

E-cigarettes are perceived as “safer” and marketed as a method to quit smoking – but is there any truth to that story? What are e-cigarettes? E-cigarettes are a battery-operated nicotine delivery system designed to deliver nicotine through inhalation. Also known as “vaping,” e-cigarettes have been in the United States since 2006 and appeal to both  

Are Food Delivery Services as Healthy as They Claim?

In today’s world of quick access and instant gratification, there is a surge in food delivery service options — HelloFresh, Marley spoon, Blue Apron, Plated, Sun Basket, Home Chef, Green Blender, Balance, Freshly, Terra’s Kitchen and the list keeps growing. The convenience of having a meal ready to prepare and delivered to your door is  

Can Local Honey Boost Your Immunity?

Every spring and summer, you’ll likely see suggestions in the news to use local honey to boost immunity and decrease seasonal allergies. But is there any truth to it? The sweet side of local honey The short answer: local honey does have a lot of benefits. “Some research has shown that local honey can be  

How to Avoid the Guilt of Eating Out

We’ve all done it: “saved up” our calories or eaten lightly all day in preparation of a delicious dinner out at a restaurant. But according to experts in the nutrition field, that isn’t the smartest choice. “Our ability to make healthy choices goes out the window when we let ourselves get too hungry,” says Brittany  

Women Take Heart: Your Love of Salt puts Your Heart at Risk

If you are like most people you keep a salt shaker on your table at each meal and you add salt to every recipe you cook. Did you know your love of salt is putting you and your heart at risk? “Most Americans have too much salt in their diet. It is time that we  

Why Does My Heart Skip A Beat or Race?

Have you ever been sitting in a meeting or trying to fall asleep and suddenly your heart skips, flutters or maybe starts racing? You aren’t alone. Palpitations or flutters can feel like the heart is throbbing, flip-flopping, murmuring, or pounding. They can also feel like the heart skips a beat. Some people feel palpitations as  

Meniscus Tear in the Knee—To Repair or Trim?

Meniscus tears are very common causes of knee pain. You may feel your knee lock or give away for no apparent reason or you may just have chronic knee pain. You may have a meniscus tear. Damage to your meniscus can happen from a trauma during activity, like a sudden pivot on the basketball court  

Easing the Pain in Your Neck

New cervical disc replacement offers relief When your neck hurts, really hurts, it has a way of affecting your entire life. “The pain was constant.” “A sharp pain.” “A stinging, burn.” “My arm went numb.” “I couldn’t turn my head when driving.” “I couldn’t sleep.” These are just a few of the symptoms people report  

March of Dimes: Making Steps for Healthy Moms and Babies

Each year, about 500,000 babies are born prematurely or with defects in the United States. The March of Dimes is dedicated to promoting healthy moms and strong babies – and St. Elizabeth Healthcare is right there for them every step of the way. March for Babies in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky St. Elizabeth plays an active role