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Easing the Pain in Your Neck

New cervical disc replacement offers relief When your neck hurts, really hurts, it has a way of affecting your entire life. “The pain was constant.” “A sharp pain.” “A stinging, burn.” “My arm went numb.” “I couldn’t turn my head when driving.” “I couldn’t sleep.” These are just a few of the symptoms people report  

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You may not think hand splinting is an athletic event, but in Northern Kentucky—there is world class competition. Each year, St. Elizabeth Healthcare invites physical therapy and occupational therapy students from local universities to square off to learn more about the importance of splinting. In this year’s competition, Mount St. Joseph University’s physical therapy program,  

Precision Medicine: What Does it Mean for You?

St. Elizabeth Healthcare is committed to providing our patients with cutting-edge medical care. Recently, St. Elizabeth has brought